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ImagingPlanet® MPX & QPX Driver Camera Driver Version 1.7
(to upgrade this software uninstall older version first)
ImagingPlanet® MPX & QPX Manual Camera Series User’s Manual
New! ProgRes® Capture Pro 2.7

Software for ProgRes® Cameras
Support for current Plus, MF and CF series

Software and Manual
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista

New features include:

1. Text stamp
A text stamp, e.g. with the initials of the user, can be inserted and saved with the microscopic image. In this way, the different steps in the workflow of image capturing and processing are reproducible, and teamwork in microscopy is facilitated.

2. Full screen mode
By clicking the button F11, areas of the software user interface can be shown or hidden, and the display area of the microscopic image can be enlarged or reduced.

3. Multifocus
Several captures of an image are taken, each with the focal plane in a different area. From these captures, one image is calculated that is clearly focused in all areas.

4. Print function
By using the function “Print“ in the icon bar, up to six images can be printed or exported as a PDF-file directly from the ProgRes® CapturePro 2.7 application software

New! ProgRes® Capture Pro 2.6

Software for All ProgRes® Cameras Systems

Software and Manual
Apple® Macintosh® OS X

Rincon HD™ 2.3

(trial version - dongle is required for full access)

Rincon HD is a simple measurement and annotation application featuring the latest in acquisition, analysis and reporting functionality.  Rincon HD includes digital live measurement, and quick, easy reporting of measurement of data and statistics.

Recent updates include enhanced user interface and the following features:

1.F8 hot key is added for the command of Select feature. F8 hot key or mouse click can be used to start the Select feature command, which can save working time.
2. Straight line is drawn only horizontally, vertically, and by 45 angles when using with Shift key. It is the same when editing lines later.
3. Font style option is added as well as font size in File > Preferences > Measurement.
Please see the ¡°New features¡± of the webzine on the right side for more contents in detail.
4. Multi width measurement¡±
The function enables to measure multi widths automatically.

Rincon HD is Windows XP, Vista or Win7 32 & 64bit compatible. 

All Optronics® Software Latest Software and Manual Download




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